Decisions we take & choices we make.

Life has never been simple and relationships make it yet...

Beauty of Journey

The beauty of life is to love no matter if...

| Life Meanwhile |

In the unpredictable trail of events. I stopped for a...

Mere Kashmir Ki Khamoshi

Kaise ek ek zarre ko samet ke banaya tha vo...

Unfolding Strategies to Boost your Website. Make a Smart Move!

Are you sure you know everything about how to make...
Decisions we take & choices we make.
Beauty of Journey
| Life Meanwhile |
Kashmir, KashmirFloods, Poetry, Srinagar, Urdu
Mere Kashmir Ki Khamoshi
Unfolding Strategies to Boost your Website. Make a Smart Move!

Trust the Magic in you..

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Hi to everyone.

Hello, my name is Sheen! This is my daily updated blog about life, inspirations, aspirations and everyday moments from all over one's life. The source of creativity.

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Natural Love

Love comes naturally like Rains
We fight with them
to be with them...
Have we ever fought with our
parents to be with them.

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Beauty, Grace, Inner self

Her Beauty Undefined

And people take time to understand that beauty is not what eyes can see but what the heart can feel. Beauty is not her big eyes but the big dreams she has in her eyes. It’s not the rose petal shaped lips she has but the unconditional prayers she whispers every night. 

Her beauty is not the ornaments she wears, but the smiles she spreads. Her grace is often misinterpreted and even not been explained.
“To Love, to endure & to give” is what she has learnt throughout her life. That’s the beauty she reflects in her aura. 
Beauty is the inner peace, she bestows to those she loves. Beauty lies in her embrace, not in her figure she carries. Beauty is not how she walks but is how wisely she takes the steps. 
It’s the difference she brings in every time. It’s the sacrifices she makes to settle in. It’s the unconditional love she offers. 
Her beauty is not her tender voice but the words she doesn’t say aloud in crowd. Beauty is her endurance, her patience and her prayers that are divinely reflected in her soul not in her personality. 

And the tornado inside her mind turns into a calm sea when her man sees the true beauty within that never fades for years to come.


| Life Meanwhile |

In the unpredictable trail of events.
I stopped for a couple of moments to breathe, to decipher Life. Indeed, Life is when we just stop thinking and start living in the current… then we will realize the worth and know that there is so much to see, sense and feel in every passing moment. The serene sunsets for our tired eyes, perfectly spread rainbows over our head, and rosy dew wind all around…

Sometime we are just too preoccupied that we can’t observe the beauty every dawn brings to us. Undoubtedly, life is unruly to define or decode as we have forgotten to live, laugh and love in seconds…

A special thanks to another night that certainly followed by a much brighter day.

P.S.: Written at 01.00 am. Half awake. Monday Midnight.


CRAZY is the new YOU

“Alone? No you are not alone” said my pen while i was writing… 

This was the moment when all of a sudden i feel accompanied by my thousands of known or unknown jumbled thoughts which came to me when it is pitchy dark outside the window and sat by my side for the whole night…

If you are finding it crazy, Then you should know that “Crazy” is the new “You” when you look out for your soul and end up in a whole new world of thoughts

Kashmir, KashmirFloods, Poetry, Srinagar, Urdu

Mere Kashmir Ki Khamoshi

Kaise ek ek zarre ko samet ke banaya tha vo ghar. Mere khwabo mere armano ka ashiyana. Mere sukoon ka thikana. Mere apno ki muskurato ka aayina.
Vo mera ghar, jo mere apno se tha. Jahan gunjti thi mere apno ki hansi. Jahan hoti thi guftugu aur kahva sham ki. Jahan ki fiza bhi wakif thi mujhse. Jahan dekha maine apna bachpan aur sajaya jawani mein jise.
Aj kuch palo mein vo zameen ka hissa khakh mein tabdil ho gaya. Meri araam gah benoor ho gayi. Bikhar gaye vo iraade jo rakhe the maine sirhane se kabhi. Mehez diware rah gayi jo ab tak geeli hai. 
Zindagi zaroor tham si gayi uss hadse k baad. Khushk ho gaye ashk bhi mere ab. Magar mere hausle kamzor nahi padhe. Allah ne mujhe apni hifasat mein rakha. Mere raste banaye jinka rukh behtar manziilo ki taraf modh diya. Allah ne hi girkar uthna aur uthkar chalna sikhaya. Mera Imaan mere halaato ke sath aur behtar hota gaya. Allah ne sukoon mayassar kiya ho jaise.
Raste mein sham hui…
raat bhi hui thi…
Aur fir subah ki saba ne sabr bhi diya… Meri khamoshi aitmaad ban gayi…

Insha’Allah Kashmir Will Rise Again.

Special Thanks to JandK Now newspaper for appreciating my poetry about kashmir floods on their official facebook page. 


Story of An Independence Day & A Journey that Never Began

A journey is yet to begin from An Independence Day to Happy Independence Day!

On this day, i dream for India which is free from Communal rights, Racism, Regionalism, Injustice, and primarily wherein girls will be treated with respect.

For me, it’s not a HAPPY independence day, it’s just an another day. Because the martyrs who fought for the freedom, certainly did not imagine & battle for the kind of India, we have made it today.

Freedom is yet to come…

For the true freedom, the battle is much harder. We can prefix the HAPPY word with this day, when people change their mindsets, when people stop discriminating on the basis of class, religion or region, when people start acting to restore the dignity of women, when people stop being silent and bearing something wrong, when people do or fight for the justice, when Eid would also be celebrated like Diwali, when people migrate to any city across India without fear, when there won’t be any border inside India.

A simple thought . A simple message to inspire millions of Indians in the hope that we bestow a better Happy Independence Day to our kids.

But i would say that there is a really long wait ahead. . . till then the shout of politics will take over the silence of the logical India!


Unfolding Strategies to Boost your Website. Make a Smart Move!

Are you sure you know everything about how to make a successful website? If not then this piece of writing would help you reaping the benefits. In this blog, I’ve talked about the ways of making a standout website as you cannot deny that if you wish to boost your business then you must have a dynamic web presence. Being a brand manager, I recommend that your website should not only reflect your products but should also have a story telling appeal accompanied with a creative concept & compelling content. This turns your visitors into your customers soon.

Upgrading your website through introducing advance elements, be it content, graphic, or UI, is the need of the hour. Today, online industry has turned out to be massive in terms of reach, capturing the attention of huge audience and delivering business message across the globe have become easier like never before. A bandwagon is a serious business now! You cannot afford to be vague when it comes to taking your business website live. This scenario has doubled the responsibility of an expert website developer and even make them big-time trend setter these days.

The strategies we are going to reveal would definitely make you probe about how the web industry has come of age.

Pushing boundaries through Smart websites: The time has gone when people think of creating a website just for occupying an online presence, nowadays they expect their websites to do business and bring customers. To realize the dream of highly profitable smart website, developer and designer need to work in harmony to put forward the best mix of UI features on the website. The focus is more on generating leads in line with creating brand image. Features like free downloads, live chat, highlighting testimonials and conceptual product oriented homepage banner design are the cornerstones of smart web presence.

Say good bye to outdated technologies: Undoubtedly web industry is one of the most dynamic industries in terms of technological up-gradations, every now and then new technologies have been introduced to offer ease to visitors as well as the website owners. According to expert developers, Flash is a big no when it comes to developing a website, HTML 5 wins over the battle. Flat and Responsive design are among the best practice to impetus the performance globally.

Personalized look and feel: No matter whether you’re a designer or developer, this comes handy when you understand the clients’ need precisely and direct your web strategy in order to reach the ultimate goals. The understanding of what do the client require and what do the target market expects from the website should go hand in hand when you design and develop the website. An industry-specific look and feel is a sure shot success.

Don’t copy your competitors: The most common error people make is to copy the design and end up becoming a replica of competitor. To avoid this, one needs to identify one’s objectives clearly and then start drafting the sitemap followed by the other elements. This may take a quite longer time but results will be surprising. Bounce rate can be reduced radically if you give your visitors a chance to glued to your site rather than switching to your competitor. Make your website the line art of your imagination and witness the difference.

Interesting content with no direct sales pitch: Very likely most of you have the website to bring sales or to create awareness; however it’s not wise to portray a direct sales pitch through your website by giving less importance on why a visitor should revisit your website. You should give them a reason to visit you again very soon! Informative and interesting content would certainly help you to do so. Break the monotony and reflect your product concepts concisely to bring the customers ultimately.


For the sake of old time. A sunshine sorrow.

Since the very beginning of 2014, I have been involved in observing life more closely, researching the soul sparingly and trying to regain in coping up with the world of changing realities… Perhaps, when we feel alone and low (the state of mind everyone must have faced in life at different intervals), we become more conscious of our emotions and could lead to emotional outburst. Life is not what we always dreamed it to be.

…You may be thinking that I’m hashing out a vague chat here, so let me make this clear that writing about something which is an ultimate attempt to reflect our immense emotions, changing mindsets & ups n downs situations in life is what I love to experiment with.

At times, we feel trapped & not been able to fine tune with the harmony of life… this happens quite often to our young folks. The reason is the moment when we start reasoning with every possible thing come across, we forget that “Our heart doesn’t have all the answers we search within”. This way we create a ready-made situation that cause too much of turbulence to us and those who are closed to us… 
Sometimes it’s good to skip the track of time and let loose yourself to notice the unnoticed life so far… For this the possibility parameter is falling due to the “Virtual World” we dwell in. We have made a virtual web around us and search the life within… That’s another mistake we do when feeling low ( Frankly telling you people that I too work closely with a virtual social front so don’t confuse my words here. It’s just the way we perceive in the beginning is what matters at the end)

Life is beautiful (trust me… it’s an old but awesome one liner I ever heard of, that gives hope to those who are in despair) and full of excitement for those who have an eye for it…

Nowadays we seek or search the obvious things which were bestowed upon us when we were kids or I would say away from this so-called innovative ways of leading life. Don’t you feel that life was simpler at the time of our grandpa & grandma when problems were sorted out with love and dealt with caution?

“Words”… Yes the words were less and supposed to be said after thinking twice as the exchange mediums were limited… but today where the exchange of words have become easier, so the people like us… like you… forgot the value of words or the damage it can cause on one go.

I jotted my random sleepy thoughts for my readers… Hope this piece of writing carries meaning to you and derives the expressions within.

“I too wanna sleep like a baby…
Sail a time machine overloaded with dreams…
With rainbow colors dancing around on my granny’s lullabies…
Under the sky beautified with stars…
Aqua blued pillows woven with peace love & care…
Calm wind flowing over my head… bringing the smell of dried flowers that has been put in the vase yesterday… 
I too wanna sleep like a baby… I too wanna be in bliss”


Knock Knock!!! Is Happiness There?

Have you ever asked yourself a question that What is happiness mean to you? or What makes you happy? or How you measure your happiness? Your answer would probably in “No.. Nah.. Never thought of doing such thing…”. Let me tell you the hard hitting reality that we all want to stay happy but somehow forgotten the ways to unleash the chambers of happiness, that’s why we have been searching happiness still not finding it.

Lately, I’ve seen “The Happy Page” on facebook that is illustrating multiple ways to express what happiness is. This has been an inspiring factor for me to explore more about this sorcerous word – “Happiness”. I believe happiness has a different connotation for different people like some people feel happy when they have money, others may feel happy when they have friends.

Happiness is love.. Happiness is childhood… Happiness is friendship… Happiness is travelling… Happiness is sunsets… Happiness is …… …? I’m certain that you all must have a unique sequence likewise. But do we actually find happiness ultimately?

Happiness has a P.O. Box address now!!!

In today’s mundane lifestyle when we’re busy looking out for things, people, places, and many more to make us feel happy. This is surely a short-cut street for all of us to meet the “Highness Happiness”, place your palm on your heart to knock the doors rather than taking long indirect roads to happiness.

|||Have a Heart quilted with Happiness and you will notice it lives within us and everywhere you see|||


Akhiri Salaam

This short prose has been penned down by me on the eve of 31st Dec, 2013. Sometime a complete random thought can unveil thousands of silent emotions in less number of words.
Your comments are appreciated!!!

Safar-e-zist mein sukoon k khatir,

khawabo ke zariye manzile badali maine…
khatm hone se pehle, kuch waqt

Rukne ko dil mera bhi tha shehar-e-anjan mein…
Unn behisaab yaadon ki rahoon me,
lakh khawhisho ke silsile the…
Na khatam hone wale kafile the,
Tabdiliyo ke saaye the…

Aj shaam ek aur kist bhijwa di hamne…
In sha allah daastan ka urooj mukammal hoga…
Raahen toh juda hongi par rehbar wahin hoga…

Sabz subah ki dhoop hogi… Khwabo ka tassavur hoga…
Naumeedi ki sham na hogi… Sukoon hoga sirf sukoon hoga…
BJP, Congress, elections, Indian Politics, Rahul Gandhi

The Countdown Begins: Who will be the next PM of India?

As elections are knocking the doors, the talks about the next PM are even more stirring up in media and common people are keeping their hopes high this time. This election is seeing as a turning point in Indian politics by the diplomats of major countries.

Growth and development are among the ambiguous agendas political parties have been adopting to fetch votes since ages. The constant scams and vague promises triggered by the UPA and NDA have now eventually given fodder to a secular front “Aam Aadmi Party”. Still the dilemma is “Is AAP capable of giving India its next PM?” This question remains a question for the voters that apart from the Lokpal bill memo, Aam Aadmi Party has nothing to talk about to lure votes from the innocent common Indian population, who has been fed up with the massive inflation followed up by big bang scams of 3G spectrum and CWG.

I believe who so ever would take the charge should have the knowledge of ground reality as well as not been unaware of the state-level political situations that keep changing on the basis of religious biasness. Youth thinking should rule the league with a much broader intellectual approach that would work democratically in line with the dreams and demands of common Indian people. When seeing the present scenario only one name flashes across my mind – Rahul Gandhi (RG).  Despite the fact that he has been adopting a naïve approach towards his saying in press conferences till date, however he still has the spark and genes of a ruler’s family. A clean image and education are the parameters that have been skipped whenever we dream our next PM. He happens to justify both fairly.

The truth is that the only politicians in our country who actually act on the basis of principles are a few deranged souls on the extreme right and the extreme left. Not a single mainstream politician in this country cares about principles. When they claim to espouse principles, they do so as a tactical ploy of the moment. As the moment changes, their principles change.

One more glitches I feel we have in our system is the blame-game. We can’t blame the congress and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) entirely as we have been also witnessing the influential affects laid by NDA and UPA from the last two decades that again is a joint venture of small parties who support and the left parties. These have been the unavoidable manipulating factors in the development of growth policies and legal matters. I have been heard this that we should vote for the candidate not for the party but again no one is going to conjecture who will be running the country and the system at the end. This unstable situation demands more transparency in the system and clear objectives committed by the political parties. (That’s again not possible in this immoral game called Indian politics)

The coming year may be the year of significant changes in the Indian politics. Even anticipating strategies of restless diplomats for 2014 can feel staggering.

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