Detoxifying the desires of a dead poet who has been whaled in the name of pseudo-socialism.
Clear your mind – Your thoughts are precious, guard them gracefully.
Listen to your heart – Lame games are not among your genres.

Calm down your desires as you can always bring them to life once your soul is free.
Create an invisible barricade around yourself from people who don’t understand as they ruin beautiful dreams in the making and often dictate you to act pretentious.
Spend time alone to cut the clutter – Unapologetically Travel, Eat, and Write.
Decide your own destiny but not at all by planning another 10 monotonous years of your life the old way.
Understand your inner voice as no one really bothers and see you the way you see yourself.
During this phase of psychological detoxification, you must not forget the most valuable advice is not to take advice from outside – Connect with the inner self.
You’re going to begin a life that will inspire others and it’s not easy – Right people will eventually come along and the good part is that you are not bound to impress the wrong ones.
Tune out the set thinking patterns that society has forced on you – if you’re reading this piece that clearly indicates that you simply don’t fit in the rest.
Once your soul settles this all, the journey will become impeccable.