A great social media impact on eCommerce business.

the world is onlineThe age of digital evolution has been constantly impacting the patterns of consumer behavior and as a result of which social media has come out an absolute utter medium for eCommerce sector to boom or find a perfect fit to capture target audience at large. People use their mobile phones more often for internet instead of making calls; the consumers are widely available over the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat etc.

Shopping has come of age and become a matter of minutes with growing presence of eCommerce on Social Media Platforms. Ecommerce is one of the most affecting and booming sectors in the awake of social media marketing.  With the help of unique advertising practices, all theCommerce replaced retail shoppinge right people can be reached or engaged at the right time through social media. The marketing has turned out to be highly targeted to grab the right kind of target audience in terms of age, interest, region, and many more. When you have so much in store for you on social media then why would you switch to any of the traditional marketing approach for increasing the popularity of an eCommerce business? Social media can fetch the real business results and bring huge success in a shorter period of time for a newly launched eCommerce website with all the apt social media adverting strategies in place.

In fact, one thing which is obvious that, “a great brand starts or ends with its popularity” and the impact of social in generating a positive PR or contributing in the overall popularity of the brand, is immense. If you’re involved in an eCommerce business, you must learn to grasp benefits of the greatest innovation of the past decade, the social media graph.


Kashmir bleeds again – A paradise into pain

What makes a 15 year old boy from a well-off family and son of a headmaster left home to join Hizbul in 2010. The countless questions are embedded in the heart of every kashmiri, unfortunately no answers are echoed but the noises of bullets getting louder and louder.

No one is a born terrorist, no one wants to leave his family at such a young age. The root cause of the problem is evidently the People in Power.  We can question but who will answer?
The clear failure of government and the way armed forces are told to deal with a sensitive issue are leading the paradise into pain. The separatists are enjoying the leisure life while the young kashmiri are being diverted to guns and their innocence is symbolized as a face of militancy in Kashmir… Let’s forget about militants killing in Kashmir, can anyone has the guts to answer that why a lot of local civilian lost their lives during all those years of unrest. When the sufferings will be going to end? Who is going to answer?

Recently spotted a local newspaper about the situation in South Kashmir and the headline reads:  “Mentally, we are militants. If weapons were available, there would be more armed militants”, said an unknown young kashmiri.  A 29-year-old teacher describes Kashmir’s relationship with India as “a gone chapter”. The bridges between the two, he says, “have been burnt forever”. “The bottom line is India does not trust Kashmiris, and Kashmiris don’t trust India,” he says.

Are people in power doing justice to it? Why armed forces have come out as villain in the picture of Kashmir. If such situation may arise in any other part of India, will the armed forces take the similar steps to calm down the situation. Of course not. ‪#‎KashmirUnrest‬


Life is beautiful

Decisions we take & choices we make.

Life has never been simple and relationships make it yet more difficult. People come and go, years pass by in this confusing mundane chores. We experience both good and bad times in this interesting journey.

Life is beautifulThrough all these ups and downs, we understand at least one thing that each person in our life makes us learn something new. We make choice of people or things all the while knowing that nothing will remain with us forever. Forever is typically a vague word, we want everything for the so called “forever” time frame knowing well that everything in this world is temporary.

Mostly, our decisions are taken in the influence of emotional or societal elements with no space for the self love. This leads to the lack of self opinion in our own decisions or choices. We fear that people may call us selfish or detest us, however one needs to understand that one is unable to spread love without loving themselves first (forget about the inhuman self centered folks).

Verily, life cannot always offer us what we plan or desire but we do have options available to take the most apt decisions that are not influenced by any other force except our own intuitions or inner voice. We can always make the favorable choices that are not harming others as well as somehow help us ahead in the journey. Often we complain being puppets of time and situations while forgetting that we must take charge before it’s too late. Time flies and moments go by. We can’t cover every stake or live everything playing everyone.

So make choices of the moments you wish to live before your loved ones would place flowers on your grave. Almighty is a better planner, delegating us the power providing us brain too. That is the distinction He has provided without animals that live in the same earth aimlessly without any sense.

We have things in our hands till the time we believe on ourselves and feel that we are capable of making the awesome choices and wise decisions. Lack of courage leads us being the puppet. Experience is an exciting gift and we can’t ignore how influential it can be, when it comes to making choices or taking decisions for ourselves.

So, trust your journey, trust your inner voice.


Beauty of Journey

The beauty of life is to love no matter if you’re not receiving anything in return.
The beauty of morning is to smile no matter how hard you cried last night.
The beauty of love is to trust no matter how many times it has been broken.

The beauty of night is to have the patience that darkness will fade away no matter for how long you have been waiting.
The beauty of success is to stay enthusiastic no matter how many times you have been failed.
The beauty of words is to express with calmness in your eyes no matter how many times you have been misunderstood.
The beauty of silence is to understand the unsaid words no matter how deeply it hurts.
The beauty of giving is to give with love no matter how many times you have been ill-treated by others.
The beauty of patience is to have the faith no matter how many times you have been disappointed.
The beauty of kindness is to remind yourself everyday to be kind no matter if people are not kind to you.
The beauty of dreams is to remember that you have miles to walk no matter if it means that you do it alone. We have come so far in search of beauty, in search of dreams and in search of heaven, while forgetting that nor on the surface of the earth neither in the depths of the sky, a change is at hand.

| Life Meanwhile |

In the unpredictable trail of events.
I stopped for a couple of moments to breathe, to decipher Life. Indeed, Life is when we just stop thinking and start living in the current… then we will realize the worth and know that there is so much to see, sense and feel in every passing moment. The serene sunsets for our tired eyes, perfectly spread rainbows over our head, and rosy dew wind all around…

Sometime we are just too preoccupied that we can’t observe the beauty every dawn brings to us. Undoubtedly, life is unruly to define or decode as we have forgotten to live, laugh and love in seconds…

A special thanks to another night that certainly followed by a much brighter day.

P.S.: Written at 01.00 am. Half awake. Monday Midnight.


CRAZY is the new YOU

“Alone? No you are not alone” said my pen while i was writing… 

This was the moment when all of a sudden i feel accompanied by my thousands of known or unknown jumbled thoughts which came to me when it is pitchy dark outside the window and sat by my side for the whole night…

If you are finding it crazy, Then you should know that “Crazy” is the new “You” when you look out for your soul and end up in a whole new world of thoughts


Story of An Independence Day & A Journey that Never Began

A journey is yet to begin from An Independence Day to Happy Independence Day!

On this day, i dream for India which is free from Communal rights, Racism, Regionalism, Injustice, and primarily wherein girls will be treated with respect.

For me, it’s not a HAPPY independence day, it’s just an another day. Because the martyrs who fought for the freedom, certainly did not imagine & battle for the kind of India, we have made it today.

Freedom is yet to come…

For the true freedom, the battle is much harder. We can prefix the HAPPY word with this day, when people change their mindsets, when people stop discriminating on the basis of class, religion or region, when people start acting to restore the dignity of women, when people stop being silent and bearing something wrong, when people do or fight for the justice, when Eid would also be celebrated like Diwali, when people migrate to any city across India without fear, when there won’t be any border inside India.

A simple thought . A simple message to inspire millions of Indians in the hope that we bestow a better Happy Independence Day to our kids.

But i would say that there is a really long wait ahead. . . till then the shout of politics will take over the silence of the logical India!


Unfolding Strategies to Boost your Website. Make a Smart Move!

Are you sure you know everything about how to make a successful website? If not then this piece of writing would help you reaping the benefits. In this blog, I’ve talked about the ways of making a standout website as you cannot deny that if you wish to boost your business then you must have a dynamic web presence. Being a brand manager, I recommend that your website should not only reflect your products but should also have a story telling appeal accompanied with a creative concept & compelling content. This turns your visitors into your customers soon.

Upgrading your website through introducing advance elements, be it content, graphic, or UI, is the need of the hour. Today, online industry has turned out to be massive in terms of reach, capturing the attention of huge audience and delivering business message across the globe have become easier like never before. A bandwagon is a serious business now! You cannot afford to be vague when it comes to taking your business website live. This scenario has doubled the responsibility of an expert website developer and even make them big-time trend setter these days.

The strategies we are going to reveal would definitely make you probe about how the web industry has come of age.

Pushing boundaries through Smart websites: The time has gone when people think of creating a website just for occupying an online presence, nowadays they expect their websites to do business and bring customers. To realize the dream of highly profitable smart website, developer and designer need to work in harmony to put forward the best mix of UI features on the website. The focus is more on generating leads in line with creating brand image. Features like free downloads, live chat, highlighting testimonials and conceptual product oriented homepage banner design are the cornerstones of smart web presence.

Say good bye to outdated technologies: Undoubtedly web industry is one of the most dynamic industries in terms of technological up-gradations, every now and then new technologies have been introduced to offer ease to visitors as well as the website owners. According to expert developers, Flash is a big no when it comes to developing a website, HTML 5 wins over the battle. Flat and Responsive design are among the best practice to impetus the performance globally.

Personalized look and feel: No matter whether you’re a designer or developer, this comes handy when you understand the clients’ need precisely and direct your web strategy in order to reach the ultimate goals. The understanding of what do the client require and what do the target market expects from the website should go hand in hand when you design and develop the website. An industry-specific look and feel is a sure shot success.

Don’t copy your competitors: The most common error people make is to copy the design and end up becoming a replica of competitor. To avoid this, one needs to identify one’s objectives clearly and then start drafting the sitemap followed by the other elements. This may take a quite longer time but results will be surprising. Bounce rate can be reduced radically if you give your visitors a chance to glued to your site rather than switching to your competitor. Make your website the line art of your imagination and witness the difference.

Interesting content with no direct sales pitch: Very likely most of you have the website to bring sales or to create awareness; however it’s not wise to portray a direct sales pitch through your website by giving less importance on why a visitor should revisit your website. You should give them a reason to visit you again very soon! Informative and interesting content would certainly help you to do so. Break the monotony and reflect your product concepts concisely to bring the customers ultimately.


For the sake of old time. A sunshine sorrow.

Since the very beginning of 2014, I have been involved in observing life more closely, researching the soul sparingly and trying to regain in coping up with the world of changing realities… Perhaps, when we feel alone and low (the state of mind everyone must have faced in life at different intervals), we become more conscious of our emotions and could lead to emotional outburst. Life is not what we always dreamed it to be.

…You may be thinking that I’m hashing out a vague chat here, so let me make this clear that writing about something which is an ultimate attempt to reflect our immense emotions, changing mindsets & ups n downs situations in life is what I love to experiment with.

At times, we feel trapped & not been able to fine tune with the harmony of life… this happens quite often to our young folks. The reason is the moment when we start reasoning with every possible thing come across, we forget that “Our heart doesn’t have all the answers we search within”. This way we create a ready-made situation that cause too much of turbulence to us and those who are closed to us… 
Sometimes it’s good to skip the track of time and let loose yourself to notice the unnoticed life so far… For this the possibility parameter is falling due to the “Virtual World” we dwell in. We have made a virtual web around us and search the life within… That’s another mistake we do when feeling low ( Frankly telling you people that I too work closely with a virtual social front so don’t confuse my words here. It’s just the way we perceive in the beginning is what matters at the end)

Life is beautiful (trust me… it’s an old but awesome one liner I ever heard of, that gives hope to those who are in despair) and full of excitement for those who have an eye for it…

Nowadays we seek or search the obvious things which were bestowed upon us when we were kids or I would say away from this so-called innovative ways of leading life. Don’t you feel that life was simpler at the time of our grandpa & grandma when problems were sorted out with love and dealt with caution?

“Words”… Yes the words were less and supposed to be said after thinking twice as the exchange mediums were limited… but today where the exchange of words have become easier, so the people like us… like you… forgot the value of words or the damage it can cause on one go.

I jotted my random sleepy thoughts for my readers… Hope this piece of writing carries meaning to you and derives the expressions within.

“I too wanna sleep like a baby…
Sail a time machine overloaded with dreams…
With rainbow colors dancing around on my granny’s lullabies…
Under the sky beautified with stars…
Aqua blued pillows woven with peace love & care…
Calm wind flowing over my head… bringing the smell of dried flowers that has been put in the vase yesterday… 
I too wanna sleep like a baby… I too wanna be in bliss”


Knock Knock!!! Is Happiness There?

Have you ever asked yourself a question that What is happiness mean to you? or What makes you happy? or How you measure your happiness? Your answer would probably in “No.. Nah.. Never thought of doing such thing…”. Let me tell you the hard hitting reality that we all want to stay happy but somehow forgotten the ways to unleash the chambers of happiness, that’s why we have been searching happiness still not finding it.

Lately, I’ve seen “The Happy Page” on facebook that is illustrating multiple ways to express what happiness is. This has been an inspiring factor for me to explore more about this sorcerous word – “Happiness”. I believe happiness has a different connotation for different people like some people feel happy when they have money, others may feel happy when they have friends.

Happiness is love.. Happiness is childhood… Happiness is friendship… Happiness is travelling… Happiness is sunsets… Happiness is …… …? I’m certain that you all must have a unique sequence likewise. But do we actually find happiness ultimately?

Happiness has a P.O. Box address now!!!

In today’s mundane lifestyle when we’re busy looking out for things, people, places, and many more to make us feel happy. This is surely a short-cut street for all of us to meet the “Highness Happiness”, place your palm on your heart to knock the doors rather than taking long indirect roads to happiness.

|||Have a Heart quilted with Happiness and you will notice it lives within us and everywhere you see|||