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Romantic Reminders

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Love is something that makes life easy. For a romantic reminder, you don’t always need a companion to feel the power of love. Not everyone is fortunate to have love in life but that does not mean that their hearts are empty with love.Continue reading


A great social media impact on eCommerce business.

the world is onlineThe age of digital evolution has been constantly impacting the patterns of consumer behavior and as a result of which social media has come out an absolute utter medium for eCommerce sector to boom or find a perfect fit to capture target audience at large. People use their mobile phones more often for internet instead of making calls; the consumers are widely available over the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat etc.

Shopping has come of age and become a matter of minutes with growing presence of eCommerce on Social Media Platforms. Ecommerce is one of the most affecting and booming sectors in the awake of social media marketing.  With the help of unique advertising practices, all theCommerce replaced retail shoppinge right people can be reached or engaged at the right time through social media. The marketing has turned out to be highly targeted to grab the right kind of target audience in terms of age, interest, region, and many more. When you have so much in store for you on social media then why would you switch to any of the traditional marketing approach for increasing the popularity of an eCommerce business? Social media can fetch the real business results and bring huge success in a shorter period of time for a newly launched eCommerce website with all the apt social media adverting strategies in place.

In fact, one thing which is obvious that, “a great brand starts or ends with its popularity” and the impact of social in generating a positive PR or contributing in the overall popularity of the brand, is immense. If you’re involved in an eCommerce business, you must learn to grasp benefits of the greatest innovation of the past decade, the social media graph.


Kashmir bleeds again – A paradise into pain

What makes a 15 year old boy from a well-off family and son of a headmaster left home to join Hizbul in 2010. The countless questions are embedded in the heart of every kashmiri, unfortunately no answers are echoed but the noises of bullets getting louder and louder.

No one is a born terrorist, no one wants to leave his family at such a young age. The root cause of the problem is evidently the People in Power.  We can question but who will answer?
The clear failure of government and the way armed forces are told to deal with a sensitive issue are leading the paradise into pain. The separatists are enjoying the leisure life while the young kashmiri are being diverted to guns and their innocence is symbolized as a face of militancy in Kashmir… Let’s forget about militants killing in Kashmir, can anyone has the guts to answer that why a lot of local civilian lost their lives during all those years of unrest. When the sufferings will be going to end? Who is going to answer?

Recently spotted a local newspaper about the situation in South Kashmir and the headline reads:  “Mentally, we are militants. If weapons were available, there would be more armed militants”, said an unknown young kashmiri.  A 29-year-old teacher describes Kashmir’s relationship with India as “a gone chapter”. The bridges between the two, he says, “have been burnt forever”. “The bottom line is India does not trust Kashmiris, and Kashmiris don’t trust India,” he says.

Are people in power doing justice to it? Why armed forces have come out as villain in the picture of Kashmir. If such situation may arise in any other part of India, will the armed forces take the similar steps to calm down the situation. Of course not. ‪#‎KashmirUnrest‬


Life is beautiful

Decisions we take & choices we make.

Life has never been simple and relationships make it yet more difficult. People come and go, years pass by in this confusing mundane chores. We experience both good and bad times in this interesting journey.

Life is beautifulThrough all these ups and downs, we understand at least one thing that each person in our life makes us learn something new. We make choice of people or things all the while knowing that nothing will remain with us forever. Forever is typically a vague word, we want everything for the so called “forever” time frame knowing well that everything in this world is temporary.

Mostly, our decisions are taken in the influence of emotional or societal elements with no space for the self love. This leads to the lack of self opinion in our own decisions or choices. We fear that people may call us selfish or detest us, however one needs to understand that one is unable to spread love without loving themselves first (forget about the inhuman self centered folks).

Verily, life cannot always offer us what we plan or desire but we do have options available to take the most apt decisions that are not influenced by any other force except our own intuitions or inner voice. We can always make the favorable choices that are not harming others as well as somehow help us ahead in the journey. Often we complain being puppets of time and situations while forgetting that we must take charge before it’s too late. Time flies and moments go by. We can’t cover every stake or live everything playing everyone.

So make choices of the moments you wish to live before your loved ones would place flowers on your grave. Almighty is a better planner, delegating us the power providing us brain too. That is the distinction He has provided without animals that live in the same earth aimlessly without any sense.

We have things in our hands till the time we believe on ourselves and feel that we are capable of making the awesome choices and wise decisions. Lack of courage leads us being the puppet. Experience is an exciting gift and we can’t ignore how influential it can be, when it comes to making choices or taking decisions for ourselves.

So, trust your journey, trust your inner voice.

Drama, Lesson, Life

Life is where the light is

Let’s enlighten the light that’s within us…

We all are born with a light. 
In our childhood days, we cherish and play with the light. 
But the twist comes when we become close to life and the responsibilities, life posed on us, we start forgetting the light… 
And learn or dictate us to live without the light and try really hard to win the rat race. By the time we reach our 30s, we already make ourselves learnt or inculcated the crave for swift flight while forgetting the innate light we have been born with. 
But the story of our life never ends till the time we write the end ourselves. Our life is based upon the choices we make and how wisely we understand the light and respond to it. 
Life is unstoppable when we live the light. 
when the light lives in us.
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Stories Beyond Ordinary

Stories that begin from beautifying a rose in her braid to placing a rose at her grave are beyond ordinary…

Love has a language that never perish but just evolve with time. Certainly, it never fades with age, distances and differences. It is like those silent lullabies that whispers in the night at the hearts.

In the old days, roses considered to have a mesmerizing nexus with love, may be because their fragrance din’t die even if they are dried. It just changes a bit and smells differently.

Unfortunately, in the new era when everything included love has been seized to minimalistic emotions, feelings and ways. Certainly, time has really changed and now even “always” does not mean “with or by all my ways”. People have started to keep options like they are maintaining their professional life, they also started to maintain their personal life while forgetting the quintessence of togetherness which simply explains “the magic of love” – that needs not to be maintained but demands to be felt.
People has to travel a long way that love is not the amount of conversations we share but the smiles we bring in to someone else’s life. It’s not finding the reasons to stick with each other but the beautiful seasons spent in the longing.
Beauty, Grace, Inner self

Her Beauty Undefined

And people take time to understand that beauty is not what eyes can see but what the heart can feel. Beauty is not her big eyes but the big dreams she has in her eyes. It’s not the rose petal shaped lips she has but the unconditional prayers she whispers every night. 

Her beauty is not the ornaments she wears, but the smiles she spreads. Her grace is often misinterpreted and even not been explained.
“To Love, to endure & to give” is what she has learnt throughout her life. That’s the beauty she reflects in her aura. 
Beauty is the inner peace, she bestows to those she loves. Beauty lies in her embrace, not in her figure she carries. Beauty is not how she walks but is how wisely she takes the steps. 
It’s the difference she brings in every time. It’s the sacrifices she makes to settle in. It’s the unconditional love she offers. 
Her beauty is not her tender voice but the words she doesn’t say aloud in crowd. Beauty is her endurance, her patience and her prayers that are divinely reflected in her soul not in her personality. 

And the tornado inside her mind turns into a calm sea when her man sees the true beauty within that never fades for years to come.